Witizens Network 2.0 is under construction

Good news, friends, amigos: Finally our Witizens of Wirtland (WoW) network is starting to be fixed!
Actually, not fixed, but re-build in a new place by hand – so no automatic import of all data is possible, unfortunately. So you may need to go through a new registration process. But it’s easy :-)
Feel free to register and test WoW 2.0!

  • In the WoW 2.0 we will be adding new functionality. It will be available to registered members. For example, now you may see possibility to use Twitter directly from your member page. Feel free to test, and report how the new functions work. And your suggestions and ideas are welcome!
  • Also, we really need to raise funds to cover the network refurbishment and other current costs. So, if some of you could donate 5 or more dollars now (use PayPal Donate button), we would appreciate. You may also consider placing a banner ad. Thanks in advance.


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