• Stephen Reid posted an update in the group Group logo of Save Wirtland!!Save Wirtland!! 3 years, 7 months ago

    I presume it has to do with the owners wanting to sell Wirtland, though it seems they have been unable to do so for over a year. They have run this country as a business, as far as I can tell, and I respect that. They have a right to get paid for the work they do. However, the leaders of this land have been very careful to remain anonymous, and while they have a right to do that, it won’t instill confidence in any prospective buyers. On top of that, it seems the only things things of value they are selling are the websites associated with this country. I’m no web-designer, but this is almost on a level that I could reproduce if I wanted to, and I have designed a website, if any of you are wondering. What I’m getting at is that no serious investor is likely to pay very much for these websites. As far as I can tell, the other things this country owns are one laminating machine for residence cards, and the designs for the discontinued gold and silver coins. If there are any coins left, they have little value beyond their weight, since the line was discontinued due to limited interest.

    I have another proposition for the anonymous owners of this virtual country. Why not donate Wirtland to an interim government whose intent is to transform it into the world’s best on-line democracy? That is an endeavour for which I am certain we could gain sponsorship and money from one of several EU funds. I have done some serious work on this subject and would welcome a discussion with them, if any of the owners are reading this. What an honor it would be for them to be able to say the country they started became a powerful force for good.

    What do you others think? It would be great publicity. I can just imagine the headlines: “The world’s oldest internet country has a bloodless revolution.” 😉