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Wirtland For Business Owners



Wirtland, the first sovereign cybercountry and currently world's largest micronation in terms of population, offers 3 levels of cooperation to the international business community: 1) Card Privilege2) Certificate of Quality3) Business Registration

>1  Card Privilege Program: Accept an ID as Discount Card!

A sample Wirtland plastic ID card and coins (life-size):

Wirtland offers plastic ID cards to its citizens (see photo). We want these cards to give maximum advantages to users. That is why we created Card Privilege Program, which transforms the ID card of first internet country into premier internet discount card. 

Your business is welcome to join our Program and start accepting Wirtland Cards.  


Extra exposure: listing of your business among Wirtland's official partners - complete with your company's description and hyperlink

An original and attractive feature for your website

You set your discount rate YOURSELF

Participation is FREE

Additional traffic and more clients

Your business may join our Program and start accepting our Cards. Simply add this logo (right) to your website. More logo sizes are available.

Plus: by participating, you support Wirtland, the first sovereign cybercountry!

To start accepting Wirtland Cards or to request more information, simply email at CPP[at]

Wirtland Cards are not payment instruments, and serve only for identification. The cards are issued to persons over 18 years of age. А card bears owner's photograph, signature, and unique serial number. Validity of card can be verified by contacting the Department of State of Wirtland.       > more information on Wirtland ID cards 

If your business has physical office (or shop, cafe, hotel lobby etc.), use our sticker. To purchase stickers, click on image.

>2  Certificate of Quality 

Certificates of Quality:

Wirtland has its own Certificate of Quality. By assigning the Certificate, Wirtland guarantees high quality of product or service offered by the company. Certificate is a higher level of cooperation between a company and Wirtland.

Businesses, which want to develop closer ties with Wirtland, may also use the motto Made in Wirtland. This motto in an optional marketing tool. We hope that with time, Made in Wirtland label for online services will be like Swiss Made for watches!

If you are interested in learning more about the Certificate of Quality application details and fees, email at COQ[at]


(designs without Made in Wirtland motto are also available)

>3  Business Registration 


Many companies (especially IT) don't publish their geographical coordinates on their websites, and only use a web contact form. While such companies often offer quality services, the users don't know where the company is registered, and this may harm the company credibility. To solve the problem with due respect to corporate confidentiality, we suggest business registration in Wirtland. This is the highest level of integration between a company and our state. 

A Wirtland address is original and secure. From legal standpoint, it's similar to registration in a real country like Northern Cyprus. In addition, we believe it is natural for an IT company to be registered in internet-based country. Wirtland address also increases the company's visibility, as each partner gets free press coverage in Wirtland's sites. For Wirtland, registration of businesses is an important way to become self-sustainable. We plan to form a network of companies registered in Wirtland, to assist in professional contacts between members.

If you are interested in business registration in Wirtland, email at BR[at]


These are three main options which Wirtland offers to businesses. However, Wirtland is very open to new ideas and welcomes suggestions, which should be emailed to BR[at]

In addition, Wirtland offers advertising space. Inquiries regarding traditional web advertising are welcome at  ads[at]







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