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Global Antiwar Party                                                       versions in other languages: coming soon



A cyberparty concerned about the real world 



At the time of conflict, there are always people from both sides, who oppose the war.  If the antiwar oppositions from both conflicting sides could unite their voices in a single party, the party would have sufficient political strength to influence the conflict. 

Who may join such a party? 

Palestinians and Israelis, who are opposed to war. Georgians and Russians, who do not support policy of conflict. Turks and Greeks, who want to live in peace. Any individual, who does not support the aggressive policy in his own country.

Why Wirtland?

Wirtland is completely independent from any other country, so people from any national, ethnic, or religious background will have equal representation opportunities. No one will feel disadvantaged. As a supranational entity, Wirtland has the unique possibility to unite people even from the fighting countries into a common party. > what is Wirtland?     > legal status of Wirtland

What will I achieve by joining?

  • Make your voice be heard. Make your opinion be counted.

  • Unite with others who are opposed to war - both from your nation and from the "enemy" nation.

  • Through the party, you can actively influence the conflict. You may organize events, directly apply to the governments and international mediators, publicize your opinion through mass media.

  • As member of party, you can elect and be elected for any position in GAP, and take active part in political life of Wirtland.  

GAP Support Group in Facebook gathered around 100 members in less than a week. If  you are a Facebook user, give your feedback and help to spread the word about Global Antiwar Party.



"GAP demonstrates that Wirtland is not merely a micronation focused on internal "microproblems". The Global Antiwar Party will address the concerns of real world. GAP may become more important than Wirtland, its virtual home." 

Chancellor Alexander, leader of Global Antiwar Party





Join now, if you are a citizen of Wirtland. 

Simply email at 

gap (at)

Citizenship of Wirtland is open and free for everybody over 18 y.o. > citizenship

You may support the GAP project in many ways. See options in right blue column. 

You do not need necessarily to be a citizen of Wirtland to support GAP.

Tell your opinion. Approve, disapprove, ask questions, suggest new ideas.

Do that at Witizens of Wirtland page, or at Facebook page



Global Antiwar Party (GAP)

Fill the GAP 

Feel the GAP 


You are welcome to discuss the Global Antiwar Party and suggest your ideas.

If you wish to support GAP*:

1) Join our mailing list.
You will be officially invited to become a member.

2) Contribute with your connections.
Help to spread the word, publicize, translate, propagate our project.

3) Contribute your time or professional skills.
For instance, if you are a journalist, blogger,  web-designer, translator, or a local activist.

4) Make a money contribution,
which is very important.

5) Paste GAP banner on your website. Copy banners or design and add yours.

If you are interested in anything of this, email at: 

gap (at)



* You do not need to be a citizen of Wirtland to support the GAP project.





Simply save this page as Word file, translate, and email to the address above



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