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Rules of the Forum

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    Why rules maby you will think. I just to stay on the way of the idea. To talk always about the same nothing else.

    1. Here are 0 torelance to the bulling, any type of this will be razon to expulse from group, and will send a copy of this to autoritys of wirtland to found a right penalty.

    2. Tray to folow the topic, and if u dont find a topic as u need to talk about it create it, the same rules will be considerate on it.

    3. Isnt just a group, this idea is to make a better world on wirtland, if have and idea i will suport it and help you to make it work.

    4. Cant sell or make any tipy of money here, this is a group to help us to know the world, to plan a travel and make friends.

    5. Cant do publisity of any tipe, wirtland have a place to do that, use it.

    6.When some problems cant fix it will call to autoritys of wirtland to help us to find the best way to go on the best way.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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