• Boris Siomin posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    What’s new, Boris? Witizen Timeline Asks. OK. I have something to share with.Have a look at it, friends)
    “…Everything About Levelnauts
    A levelnaut is a person trained by special program, that is called LOYAL (Levels Of Your Advanced Life) to pass every three months a new level of their lives. By means of LOYAL program they are taught to formulate List Of Goals for every period and the way of it’s realization.
    The idea itself was born in English Club Haifa, and two first levelnauts names are Boris Siomin (the owner of the club) and his wife Oksana Danovich. They were first to pass 3-months level from 1-st of October to 31-st of December of 2016.
    They worked out the main concepts and rules of levelnauts, according to which they celebrate not the New Year, but Levelnauts Day every three months at the end of each level. They consider it is not fair to wait so long time for starting the new period in life and to make new resolutions once a year, as life has accelerated significantly.
    They already have many followers, and ABC of Levelnauts becomes popular codex, as well as other rules and ideas of levelnauts…”

    That is waht is new, and what I am interested in now)