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Wirtland Institute Is Established

The Wirtland Institute (WI) was founded in March 2010 as a center for research, analysis, and professional dialogue in the area of new forms of statehood. 

WI is conceived to become Wirtland's "think tank" and produce policy recommendations for the first sovereign cybercountry.  WI is independent from the government of Wirtland; WI's authors and experts are not limited to citizens of Wirtland. 

The Wirtland Institute welcomes high-quality contributions from international experts.



The Rise of the Virtual State

By Richard Rosecrance

Amid the supposed clamor of contending cultures and civilizations, a new reality is emerging. The nation-state is becoming a tighter, more vigorous unit capable of sustaining the pressures of worldwide competition... But the more important development is the  rise of the virtual state, the political counterpart of the virtual corporation... Full text




How to sell a square mile of wasteland for 2.6 billion dollars? A micronation proposes new way to raise money to help developing countries

Wirtland, an internet community which considers itself a micronation, invented a new way to generate funds to help small developing countries... Full text



Two Years of Wirtland: Chancellor's Anniversary Address

By Alexander, Chancellor of Wirtland

Happy Wirtland Day! Please accept my best wishes for happiness, good health, successful and prosperous life within our world-wide internet community.Wirtland is two years old. Not much for a country. But a lot for a micronation. Starting from zero in 2008, Wirtland became the world’s largest micronation. Full text



The Virtual Country: Six Possible Scenarios for the Creation of Viable Virtual Countries

By Thomas Frey, Juan F “Kiko” Suárez and Eduardo Suárez

The Internet, while still in its infancy, has created borderless economies, that are confusing the issues of power and control, and even the sovereignty of nations. We are now entering into a new era of public power and control. The true power that is beginning to emerge is Technocratic, meaning that we are beginning to reorganize the world around the technical imperatives of global competitiveness and economic efficiencies. Full text




Patri FRIEDMAN, founder and executive director of the Seasteading Institute, welcomed possible cooperation with the Wirtland Institute: "I would be delighted if Wirtland would take on research of questions of sovereignty, which are more general than just seasteading and apply to any nation-founding venture, so that we could focus on the specific issues related to nations on the water". The Seasteading Institute works to establish autonomous communities on seaborne platforms in international waters.

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