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Mission Statement

The Wirtland Institute (WI) is a non-profit public policy organization established by Wirtland - an experimental sovereign country based in the internet. Our mission is:

  • to conduct high-quality, independent research, 

  • to publish and discuss research and analytical materials,  

  • to provide innovative, practical recommendations for Wirtland,

  • to assist in raising the public awareness about virtual statehood.

The Expert Council

The Expert Council of Wirtland Institute will bring together the leading experts in academia, government, mass media from all over the world to provide high quality research, policy recommendations and analysis on a full range of issues pertaining to virtual statehood and, specifically, to Wirtland. As a rule, membership in the Expert Council is by invitation. However, we welcome letters from experienced professionals who wish to join the Expert Council, accompanied by background information such as curriculum vitae and list of publications (if appropriate).  


Unsolicited article submissions should be emailed to: submissions @ Wirtland.com. Accepted formats are plain text, OpenOffice Write, MS Word.  Preferred language of submissions is English. However, publication in other languages is also possible as long as the text can be adequately translated by our site's automatic online translation tool.

By submitting you agree to the following terms:

  • If your submission is accepted, you retain rights to your work.

  • Accepted work will be edited, and you will be consulted regarding major changes. We may publish minor copy-edits without your permission.

  • Once the author and editors have approved a final draft, it may be published at any time.

  • All submissions must be accompanied by a brief abstract of the article and a short biography of the author.

  • There is no monetary compensation for your submission.

  • Short articles written by citizens of Wirtland should be submitted to "The Times of Wirtland".


WI is registered as a non-profit organization in Wirtland. WI is also planning to open country representative offices, which will be registered as non-profit organizations according to the national laws of each hosting country. This will solve the problem of unrecognised status of  Wirtland's legal entity, and will allow for normal operation of Wirtland Institute in each country.

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