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Wirtland: If you want to learn more…




The Procedure

Citizenship of Wirtland or Witizenship is free (one-time processing fee applies) and open to everybody over 18 years of age, irrespective of national origin, religion, race, gender. The procedure is simple:


A potential applicant may either send an e-mail message to web (at), or sign up at our Network. After that, he/she will receive one-page Application Form (see picture), which should be completed and returned as Microsoft Word document. The Application Form is currently available in English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Ukrainian, German, Hebrew, French, Norwegian (the PDF files are for information only: applicants will receive fill-in forms in Word format). The application processing fee is currently 5 US$ / 5 EUR.

Residence Permit

Greetings! You receive your personalized Residence Permit and become a new free resident of the first sovereign country based in virtual land. See sample picture of a Residence Permit below. 

The residence permit will give you all the rights of a Witizen, including: 

  • the right to vote and be elected for public positions;

  • the right to register a corporation or a representative office of a corporation, a non-profit organization, an association, a political party, or other legal entity in Wirtland;

  • possibility to receive an identification card and a passport;

  • possibility to register a marriage and receive a marriage certificate;

  • the right of nomination for national awards of Wirtland;

  • possibility to contribute to "The Times of Wirtland".

Residence permit is an electronic document. It bears the name of the owner and is suitable printing and framing.  Alternatively, the document's central yellow-coloured part may be cut out. It fits any standard passport's page. 

Sample residence permit of Wirtland



Awesome and thanks  for the permit!! Appreciate it and if I need two additional passports for two members of my family what does it entail?




Ya tengo mi permiso de residencia ¿No es lindo? Festejemos con mate, té o tinto. Saludos.




I am glad to know that I became part from this great country, Wirtland, and I am sure that our country will be the best place for every good person.


Passport and identity card

If you wish to receive a printed passport or a plastic identity card, they can be issued after 1-3 months from the date of issuance of your residence permit. Owner of a Wirtland passport or ID card can use them as legitimate identification documents in most cases. 

Attention: Please check availability of plastic ID cards before paying the fee!


Sample identity card of Wirtland (size 86х54 mm)

Every citizen, who has submitted the Citizenship Application Form and scans of photograph and signature is eligible for receiving the plastic ID card. New applications for residence permit and ID card are also accepted from everybody over 18 y.o., who wants to become a citizen of Wirtland.

The front side of highly secure plastic card of standard format features serial number of ID (same as number of residence permit), personal data, photograph, owner's signature. The card has no expiration date - its validity period is unlimited. The photograph and signature are protected by several levels of microprint and other security features. The back side explains the status of Wirtland and mentions its official website addresses and

The plastic card issuance fee is 50 EUR / 55 US$ including mailing worldwide. 

More information: email ID (at) Attention: Please check availability of plastic ID cards before paying the fee!

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Below: Wirtland ID card and coins: life-size





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