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1) How do I apply for citizenship?
The easiest way to become a citizen of Wirtland is to register yourself at this network.  You will receive a welcome letter by e-mail during 1-2 days, if during sign-up you stated that you want to become a citizen. The letter contains instructions regarding your Citizen Application Form. There is application processing fee, equivalent to 5 US$ in any currency. The fee should be paid by PayPal or credit card. You will receive Residence Permit, which is an electronic document with photo. You must be over 18 years old.

You can also become a citizen without registering at this network. In that case, simply contact Wirtland from our online Contact Page.

Please note that neither Residence Permit nor plastic ID card are obligatory documents, but Wirtland encourages our citizens to fill in the Citizen Application Form and to pay 5 US$ fee in order to filter out spammers, bots, and underage users.

2) I am not receiving anything by email!
Maybe you have misspelled your email address. Check the e-mail address you submitted during registration, and correct it as necessary. Also, please check your spam folder. If nothing helps, contact us by e-mail, or simply register yourself again with a different email address.

3) I have applied for citizenship, but have not received it. What’s the problem?
If you have not received your Residence Permit, probable reasons are:

  • You forgot to attach your photograph, or your photograph was inappropriate for an identification document (with sunglasses on, etc.).
  • You forgot to pay the processing fee (5 US$ in any currency)
  • Your application was filled incorrectly. Attention: you need to fill in the Application Form only in Latin characters. Do not use PDF files or scans of Form.

4) How do I order my plastic Wirtland ID card?
To produce your card, we will need:

  • Your data: surname, first name, date of birth, place of birth
  • Scan of passport-type photo without hat or sunglasses, and scan of signature
  • Fee 50 EUR or 55 US$ paid by PayPal or credit card. Here is link to the payment page.
  • Your mailing address.

If you already have got a Residence Permit, and have previously submitted your Citizenship Application Form and scans, you do not need to re-send them again. Only the fee and mailing address will be necessary.

5) How do I register a company in Wirtland?
To register a new company in Wirtland, you must possess a Residence Permit, and provide the company name and description of your business by email to BG [at] wirtland.com. The standard single-time fee for incorporation is 100 US$ or EUR. This registration will be of unlimited duration.
You will receive Certificate of Incorporation, your number, and right to use the “Registered in Wirtland” / “Made in Wirtland” logo and Wirtland flag on your website or products.
For more options for business owners, please see http://wirtland.agilityhoster.com/Business.html

6) How do I register marriage in Wirtland?
To register marriage in Wirtland, you and your spouse should have Residence Permits. You apply with a letter, in which you state that you want Government of Wirtland to register your marriage, with names, gender, dates of birth, and your 2 signatures. Also, you add names and signatures of 2 witnesses. You should e-mail us the scan (or a photo) of this letter. You also pay the standard fee of 50 US$ or EUR. That’s all. Soon you receive the official marriage certificate by e-mail. If you want some publicity, we can publish an article about marriage in The Times of Wirtland and make an interview with you, with your photos or video. You don’t have to pay for this – it will be our small wedding gift.

7) What about my privacy? Who will have access to my information?
Wirtland cares about privacy of citizens in the same way as any other country, which accepts citizenship applications. Your information will be accessible to the officer, who is responsible for processing applications. Wirtland does not verify the accuracy of submitted information. So, if you wish to conceal your personal data, you are free to do so. However, we recommend that people use real names and authentic photographs, because we want Wirtland documents to serve for real identification purposes. You may also completely abstain from submitting your application for Residence Permit or a plastic card, and still remain a citizen of Wirtland.

8) I do not use PayPal. How can I pay the fee or make a donation to Wirtland?
Payment by usual credit cards is simple. In the left bottom corner of our payment page you see “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card…”. Follow the instruction. If you experience any problem, please let us know and we will try to help.

9) I have a problem adding comments to posts at WoW website
Some users experience a problem, when after adding a comment they get an error message “No data received”. Please note that your comment is actually published correctly. Just reload the post page, and your comment will be displayed.  This is a minor bug of the software, which hopefully will be fixed in the future update.

If you still need help, you may contact one of Wirtland Representatives here.