• Paolo Brambilla posted an update 8 years, 4 months ago

    I found preliminary draft statute of Representative very interesting and effective.
    The only point I would like is related to money administration:
    point III comma 3. 4.
    3. Accept donations and other payments to Wirtland (including cash);
    4. Open bank account for Wirtland to accumulate donations and payments, and administer such bank account for a commission-based remuneration;

    I would suggest not to accept cash in order to have a better bookkeeping.
    Also bank accounts for Wirtland could but unified under the supervision of our government. We can easily use paypal and other payment platforms such Satispay in Italy (and soon in UK).

    • Paolo,

      Often people write to us that they cannot use PayPal, especially in South America and South Asia. We cannot assist is such situations, but we hope a local Representative may help such a person.

      I asked our webmaster to copy your comment also to Staff Group, so other Representatives would see and interact.

      Thank you!