• Marcos Diaz posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    Hello everybody. I recently signed in as a new member and I’m waiting for my welcome letter from Wirtland. As I read more and more of this amazing virtual land, I’m getting more excited in the potential for future growing of Wirtland.
    As I have an eye for investment, I was one of the early adopters of Bitcoin, yes, I start to buy Bitcoins when everybody said it was a crazy idea and it won’t last, guess what now 1 btw is US$379.
    My point is, as a future citizen of Wirtland which is a Virtual land/country, it should also have a Virtual coin! (like btc) The big difference since you already have a gold coin circulating, this could be the only Virtual Coin backed by gold! can you image the impact this will have around the world?.
    First, we will have thousand of people applying for a very desirable citizenship, the fees will need to go up, which it can be used to buy more gold in part, the coin value will go up, the citizens of Wirtland will became wealthy (this is what every Democratic nation wants from their citizens right?) Guys the sky is the limit. I see a super potential on this project, I really hope the minds that created Wirtland can vision the future of a virtual world economy and social media.
    This is a great idea, we need the right people to put them on place. Thank you for your time to read my comment.

    • Hi Marcos
      Thank you for this input. Wirtland is about activity of our citizens, so such initiatives are very welcome. If you want something to be implemented, however, it’s your chance and opportunity to lay down your action plan, form your team, and proceed ahead. Please feel free to use tools such as groups and social medias.
      And yes, we do want our citizens to become wealthy, or at least, to offer some useful, unique, real-life services to them.

    • Totally agree with you. Would love to help developing this project,and make a minor investment(cuz Im just a student yet)