10 free and simple ways to support our project

Wirtland is not supported by investors, so it is growing thanks to members only. Therefore, Wirtland needs your support. Here is a small list of simple things, which nearly everybody can do. Please review this list, and consider doing what you like to show your support! You are welcome to add new ideas, too.

  1. Share brief information about Wirtland on your blog or social network page, in your language. Repost the flag or other image with link.
  2. If your friend is a journalist or popular blogger, tell them about Wirtland.
  3. Wear a T-shirt with Wirtland flag and web address. Haven’t got one? Just use a permanent marker to create your own Wirtland T-shirt (if you send us a selfie, we would be glad to post it!)
  4. Display a Wirtland flag or a sticker. No need to buy: just use a piece of white fabric and color markers or paint. Our flag is just a combination of simple shapes.
  5. Are you into sports? Do you participate in competitions? Try to register yourself as representative of Wirtland team.
  6. Graffiti artist? Promote Wirtland (make sure you find an appropriate place). Share a photo of graffiti with us.Happy Giy
  7. Are you shop owner? Make a special offer to our citizens, or a free drink. Tell us about it and you will get free promotion of your business.
  8. Are you a programmer or a system administrator? Try to add Wirtland to the lists of countries, where possible.
  9. Good translations are always needed. Translate this text (or other piece, which you believe important), and post it, or send to us.
  10. Consider becoming a Representative in your city or region.
  • Add more ideas!

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    Sarah A. Morrigan
    April 24, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    If you develop Android apps, consider setting APK names to look like this:


    This is easily done when setting up the app in Android Studio.

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