Spiralling to Oblivion or Climbing to Success

Read this recent article by fellow witizen Stephen Reid:

Spiralling to Oblivion or Climbing to Success

The views expressed in the following article are not necessarily those of the Times of Wirtland.


I (Stephen Reid) will show how Wirtland requires innovation to avoid becoming a footnote in digital history. I will then compare two competing visions for Wirtland’s future. 

Vision 1: In 2010 Wirtland’s owners wrote here about acquiring land from a cash-strapped country as sovereign territory for our virtual state, transforming it into a physical state. The people of Wirtland would buy this land from a donor country at USD 1000/square meter. With territory of its own, Wirtland can gain international recognition as a country in accordance with the Montevideo Convention. This would generate much-needed publicity and attract citizens. Economic and political growth would follow. 

I will examine the difficulties with implementing this plan and the challenge in proving Wirtland has permanent residents (a requirement for recognition). Economic and political growth reflect citizens’ trust in their country, and thus far this plan hasn’t improved on it. 

 Read full text at: http://times.wirtland.com/2021/03/spiralling-to-oblivion-or-climbing-to.html

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1 comment for “Spiralling to Oblivion or Climbing to Success

  1. Profile photo of Walter Orellana
    April 15, 2023 at 2:01 pm

    Necesitamos democracia, recuperar la confianza de los testigos, si desde ya nació la iniciativa de hacer el papeleo de ser reconocidos como ciudadanos, creo que podemos hacer un esfuerzo mas en por ahora nuestra nueva patria, citando a una colega: o nos das esperanza o nos liquidan de una. Con amor Walter.

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