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    Cordial saludo para todos, les quiero compartir un articulo acerca de Wirtland que he escrito en mi blog, con el fin de informar mejor a personas que quieran convertirse en nuevos ciudadanos.
    Un saludo desde Bogota D.C.

    • Hola Sarah, entiendo tu interés, sin embargo en el articulo escribo “primer país basado completamente en Internet” y “un territorio que ha sido definido en Internet” pero nunca hablo de soberanía en internet, termino con “Lo cierto es que aunque es un país que no es reconocido por la comunidad internacional y aun no es un país que pueda prov…[Read more]

  • Just a thought here. Does anybody know a bank anywhere in the brick-and-mortar world that could “lend” it’s systems to use in Wirtland? Same as system is used on 3rd party domains like (link shortener for IMHO it’s a pretty cool idea – to have a virtual bank. It will allow Wirtland to have a real growth, to…[Read more]

    • I am sure the future of Wirtland is with ideas such as yours. This idea can be put to life easily, if Wirtland had some banking pros among active members. As far as I know, some witizens attempted to contact various banks (especially in tax havens) offering to service Wirtland’s needs.
      Let’s invite more professionals into this discussion.
      Feel…[Read more]

  • Hello everybody. I recently signed in as a new member and I’m waiting for my welcome letter from Wirtland. As I read more and more of this amazing virtual land, I’m getting more excited in the potential for future growing of Wirtland.
    As I have an eye for investment, I was one of the early adopters of Bitcoin, yes, I start to buy Bitcoins when…[Read more]

    • Hi Marcos
      Thank you for this input. Wirtland is about activity of our citizens, so such initiatives are very welcome. If you want something to be implemented, however, it’s your chance and opportunity to lay down your action plan, form your team, and proceed ahead. Please feel free to use tools such as groups and social medias.
      And yes, we do want…[Read more]

    • Totally agree with you. Would love to help developing this project,and make a minor investment(cuz Im just a student yet)