Wirtland article in Russian weekly (from archive)

From time to time, we will be re-posting some content from the old version of WoW. Here is one of such re-posts, especially for Russian-language readers.

Russian newspaper F5 features article about Wirtland. F5 is a full-colour printed weekly focusing on Russian-language internet. One-page article by Kirill Alekhin from newspaper’s Subculture Section starts with phrase: “They are not satisfied with reality, they want to live in another world, in a different state…”. Here are the links to full text of article in PDF and in JPG.



Stronger defense from spammers installed!

Our defense is getting stronger!

Immediately after launching our network was attacked by spammers. They were creating multiple fake groups with links to stupid e-commerce sites, which we had to delete by hand.

Now, with help from a web security expert, we have installed a new software which detects spammer registrations and blocks their IPs. But as we are still in beta phase, if you experience any problem or see an irrelevant group creation, please report!


Please read: Witizens network under transition (ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL, РУССКИЙ)

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Dear Witizens:

Last year Wirtland’s social network Witizens of Wirtland (WoW) was partly down after a major technical problem or a hacker’s attack, and some functions were not working properly (for example, new member registration).

We are now pleased to launch this new version of Network – WoW 2.0 – to replace the damaged one.  All functions are working well now, and we are adding some new functionality. However, old archive was imported only partially. For example, all the witizens’ groups are restored, but membership was lost. Thank you for your cooperation in registering yourself in WoW 2.0 and in the groups to which you belonged.

The old version of WoW will still be accessible for reference, at this link. To avoid confusion, the old WoW has yellow background.


Estimados ciudadanos:

El año pasado, la nuestra red social Ciudadanos de Wirtland (WoW) se cerró parcialmente después de un problema técnico o un ataque de hacker, y algunas funciones no funcionaban correctamente (por ejemplo, el registro de nuevos miembros).

Ahora estamos contentos de lanzar esta nueva versión de red – WoW 2.0 – para reemplazar el dañado. Todas las funciones están funcionando bien ahora; y estamos añadiendo algunas nuevas funcionalidades. Sin embargo, el archivo inicial fue importado sólo parcialmente. Por ejemplo, los grupos  fueron restaurados, pero la membresía se perdió. Gracias por su cooperación en el registro de ti mismo en WoW 2.0 y en los grupos donde que pertenecían.

La versión anterior de WoW seguirá siendo accesible para la referencia, en este enlace. Para evitar confusiones, el viejo WoW tiene un fondo amarillo.


Уважаемые господа:

В прошлом году наша социальная сеть Witizens of Wirtland (WoW) частично не функционировала из-за крупного технического сбоя или хакерской атаки, и некоторые функции не работали должным образом (например, регистрация новых членов).

Мы теперь рады запустить эту новую версию Network – WoW 2.0 -для замены поврежденной сети. Все функции работают хорошо, и мы добавляем некоторые новые функциональные возможности. Тем не менее, первоначальный архив был импортирован только частично. Например, группы были восстановлены, но их членство утрачено. Благодарим Вас за сотрудничество в повторной регистрации в WoW 2.0 и в группах, к которым вы принадлежали.

Предыдущая версия WoW все еще будет доступна для справки, по этой ссылке. Чтобы избежать путаницы, старая WoW имеет теперь желтый фон.


Witizens Network 2.0 is under construction

Good news, friends, amigos: Finally our Witizens of Wirtland (WoW) network is starting to be fixed!
Actually, not fixed, but re-build in a new place by hand – so no automatic import of all data is possible, unfortunately. So you may need to go through a new registration process. But it’s easy :-)
Feel free to register and test WoW 2.0!

  • In the WoW 2.0 we will be adding new functionality. It will be available to registered members. For example, now you may see possibility to use Twitter directly from your member page. Feel free to test, and report how the new functions work. And your suggestions and ideas are welcome!
  • Also, we really need to raise funds to cover the network refurbishment and other current costs. So, if some of you could donate 5 or more dollars now (use PayPal Donate button), we would appreciate. You may also consider placing a banner ad. Thanks in advance.