10 free and simple ways to support our project

Wirtland is not supported by investors, so it is growing thanks to members only. Therefore, Wirtland needs your support. Here is a small list of simple things, which nearly everybody can do. Please review this list, and consider doing what you like to show your support! You are welcome to add new ideas, too.

  1. Share brief information about Wirtland on your blog or social network page, in your language. Repost the flag or other image with link.
  2. If your friend is a journalist or popular blogger, tell them about Wirtland.
  3. Wear a T-shirt with Wirtland flag and web address. Haven’t got one? Just use a permanent marker to create your own Wirtland T-shirt (if you send us a selfie, we would be glad to post it!)
  4. Display a Wirtland flag or a sticker. No need to buy: just use a piece of white fabric and color markers or paint. Our flag is just a combination of simple shapes.
  5. Are you into sports? Do you participate in competitions? Try to register yourself as representative of Wirtland team.
  6. Graffiti artist? Promote Wirtland (make sure you find an appropriate place). Share a photo of graffiti with us.Happy Giy
  7. Are you shop owner? Make a special offer to our citizens, or a free drink. Tell us about it and you will get free promotion of your business.
  8. Are you a programmer or a system administrator? Try to add Wirtland to the lists of countries, where possible.
  9. Good translations are always needed. Translate this text (or other piece, which you believe important), and post it, or send to us.
  10. Consider becoming a Representative in your city or region.
  • Add more ideas!

Quick Facts About Wirtland

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> How to become a citizen of Wirtland? Click here, or read FAQ
> Is application possible in my language? The Application Form is available in 19 languages: English, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Korean, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, German, Hebrew.
Some Facts from Wirtland’s History:
  • August 2008 – Wirtland is founded

  • February 2009 – Citizens interviewed in live TV show

  • July 2009 – Issue of Gold Crane, first gold coin ever minted by micronation. Followed by Silver Crane

  • July 2009 – Launch of Global Anti-War Party

  • September 2009 – National plastic identity card is introduced

  • March 2010 – Population reaches 1000

  • April 2010 – Wirtland Institute is founded

  • December 2010 – Wirtland is first country to grant citizenship to Julian Assange, and later to Edward Snowden

  • September 2011 – Witizens of Wirtland’s own network is founded (It’s old network – don’t use now!)

  •  January 2016 – New version of Witizens of Wirtland network (WoW 2.0) is launched
 > If you want to become a Wirtland Representative, read here
 > If you are a business owner, see Wirtland’s offers to companies

First official Representative is appointed

Certificate of Representative B Siomin preview 500Government of Wirtland is pleased to communicate that Boris Siomin was appointed as official Representative of Wirtland. His geographical location is Israel. His communication languages are English, Russian, Hebrew.

Wirtland extends warm congratulations to Boris! He became the first Representative of Wirtland, having responded to announcement published on February 9th. We hope that before long Wirtland will have an effective network of Representatives in many cities of the world.

The Representatives will offer assistance to new members and answer questions. The status of official Representative of Wirtland will be regulated by special Law which is currently under development. The Representatives will have an access to a special group Wirtland Staff.


Job Offers in Wirtland…

Can Wirtland offer jobs? Our answer is yes. Our citizens must earn money in Wirtland, and the more the better!

At the moment, Wirtland needs Representatives, who can communicate with people from their city or country, and answer the questions in their native language.

New members register every day. They have similar questions. It will be good if every new member was welcomed in his own language, and could get all the needed information from a specially appointed officer. Ideally, we want to have such official Representatives for every big city or region of the world.

He or she will have complete information about Wirtland’s procedures, and will be able to answer other people’s questions. For example, Spanish-speaking Representatives could work through our Habla Hispana Group, Russian-speakers – through Russian Group, etc.

Requirements: He or she must be an educated person with a valid Residence Permit and good command of English language.

What about the salary? We do not have a budget to pay salaries. But a Representative will be able to earn money by offering paid assistance services and official Wirtland merchandise, accept and process donations, find business opportunities related to Wirtland, etc. We will discuss this in more detail with interested persons.

We hope Wirtland Reps will help to attract and educate more new citizens, and help themselves too! Comments are welcome.

Update. Good news: Just 2 days after announcement, Wirtland already got Representatives in 4 countries and 4 continents – Europe, Asia, North and South Americas! See Map below:


Wirtland article in Russian weekly (from archive)

From time to time, we will be re-posting some content from the old version of WoW. Here is one of such re-posts, especially for Russian-language readers.

Russian newspaper F5 features article about Wirtland. F5 is a full-colour printed weekly focusing on Russian-language internet. One-page article by Kirill Alekhin from newspaper’s Subculture Section starts with phrase: “They are not satisfied with reality, they want to live in another world, in a different state…”. Here are the links to full text of article in PDF and in JPG.